My and Thien present their latest creations based on the concept of the “Pâté Chinois” or Quebec’s much beloved shepherd’s pie. The idea behind Pâté chinois refers to the chaotic mixing and layering of materials, textures, and forms. A series of 5 pieces of furniture specially designed for this occasion articulate this process of mixing and merging.
MONTAGE sofa / BABEL storage system / TARANTULA armchair / BILLOT lounger / ROBOTO chair

“We are in the mood for happy furniture, less rigor and more flexibility. A shelving unit that evolves according to our frame of mind, a chair that transforms itself each season, a sofa that can take endless configurations and looks. In short, furniture that grows and change with time!” says My.
Materials have always been an important source of inspiration for the two designers, since the launch of their line PERIPHERE in 2001. Each year, the duo likes to experiment with different materials and production techniques. Steel, solid wood, plastic, fibre glass, concrete, injection foam, fabrics have all been used and worked by Thien and My over the past few years. “The way we approached materials has recently produced mostly “monomaterial” designs. This year, we decided to put everything together and make a big stew of our favorite materials, a bouillabaisse, a goulash, a ratatouille, a lasagna, a big PÂTÉ CHINOIS…” explains Thien.

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