Kino Guérin

Why Not Bench

The main characteristic of Kino Guérin’s artistic approach is the search of equilibrium. This seems obvious at three levels : equilibrium between the work of art and the utility object, between the curve and the straight line and finally in the choice of materials. Noble woods and precious veneers coexist with industrial materials such as plywood. The harmonization of contrasting veneers brings a new facet to the notion of equilibrium, which, without being directly inspired by nature, nevertheless emanates from its essence. The aesthetic part of his creation, while of great simplicity, is the result of many years of research on both the shape and the technique. Most of the molding of the artist creative pieces is done by means of the vacuum press laminated process. It has already been some 10 years since Kino Guérin started exploring the multiple possibilities of this revolutionary technique. As each one of his discoveries opens new fields of creation, a never-ending future of revelations is waiting for him.

Kino Guerin
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