Furni Creations

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Started a little over 6 years ago by Devin Barrette and Mike Giles, Furni began as a custom furniture operation. Back then they cashed in their unemployment checks and, tired of working for the “man”, decided to go it alone. Using our first deposit cheque to pay for tools they managed to rent a small shop and dig in…..lucky for them Devin’s cabinet-making skills and Mike’s interest in simple, modern design got them a good start. These days they are shifting focus more and more to exploring and creating their own designs, still very hands on, from picking the rough lumber all the way to staining, finishing, boxing and shipping the final product. Furni is a two-man only operation but proud of the flexibility and control it affords them over the end product. If you guys keep on buying they will keep on creating!

Furni Creations
215-5445 Ave De Gaspe / Montreal, QC H2T 3B2
Mike Giles / 514.907.2851
www.furnicreations.com /